2020 Markets were Great

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So remember how I tell you all that when the stock markets go down that’s just what can happen but when they go up that’s all my hard work?! Well I worked really hard in 2020. Look what I did!! Below is a graph of how global equity funds performed for the whole of 2020.

(For the sake of compliance that isn’t really what happens, as I have no control over the stock market at all.)

So when you were all worrying but held in there, stayed strong, were brave and did nothing when the covid crash hit in March – look how you were rewarded. Well done.

For those of you that panicked and took action, then you have learned a great lesson for next time, as there will be a next time, just maybe not because of covid.

So remember to choose the attitude to risk that is right for you.

I’m always that crazy high risk gal, full on risk (not completely loony like the lottery or gambling, but proper controlled investment risk) but you need to be happy with what you choose. Choose it and then stick with it. It will reward you.

If you are not yet a client, then think about whether you want to take a very low risk (a 1 on the risk scale) or a high risk (a 7 on the risk scale) or somewhere in between. Do you think of risk as scary and dangerous? If so you may be lower risk. If you think that risk is exciting, then maybe you’re higher risk.

I’m going to be doing a video soon on how to choose your attitude to risk and what to consider, so watch out for that. Can’t promise Lego figures for that one though …..


Were you brave through the covid crash or did you panic?