Our fees

What you see is what you get. No hidden costs. No surprises. And no grey areas. Just a straightforward fee structure.

As you might have already guessed, we’re an open book, and we want to give you total transparency about how we work and what we charge at every stage.

The real value of financial planning

Unlike 88% of financial planning firms, we’ve decided to disclose our fees on our website. No one likes surprises regarding money (well, only the good kind!), and we want you to come to us with a clear understanding of how we work and what you’ll pay. There are no hidden costs or small print. You know exactly what you’re paying and when.

We add real value through cost-effective implementation and see where any money can be saved elsewhere. While you could do all this yourself, you may not have the interest or time to do so.

We get you to think about what you want from your life and your goals.

We show you how to live your desired lifestyle without the fear of running out of money.

We educate you about your money – things you have forgotten, things you never knew.

We stop you from making bad investment decisions.

We ensure you pay as little tax as possible so you can keep more for yourself.

We help you see how much money you have and encourage you to spend more and enjoy your life.

Trust the research

A study by Vanguard identified seven key areas where advisers can add value, estimating values for each area. The total sum was discovered to be around 3% per annum.

Financial plan

Cost: £2,200

Our financial planning service includes two meetings with your adviser, both lasting around two hours. After meeting with you to discuss your goals, we go away and build your unique financial strategy, provide recommendations to make your money work harder and visualise your goals for the future.

This service includes:

  • A fact-finding exercise to ensure we understand where you are right now.

  • Recommendations on how to make your money work harder.

  • Cashflow modelling to demonstrate how your money will support your goals and dreams.

  • Platform and provider research.

  • Risk profile analysis to help inform your decisions.

  • Building your unique financial plan.

  • A written report to explain our recommendations.

  • Two meetings to help us understand your goals and objectives.

The fee is payable either upfront or in four monthly instalments of £550 each. Our charges are VAT exempt.


Cost: 1% of the amount to be invested (£1,500 minimum)

Following the financial plan, we charge to advise and set up new investments and pensions, if you need them. When we do this, we will consider your goals, attitude to risk, time horizons, income needs and taxation considerations.

We will action your plan and implement any changes on your behalf. We manage your money for you so you can spend time on things that you enjoy doing. This just happens to be what we enjoy!

As an example…

Based on an investment of £250,000, we would charge £2,500 for implementation.

Madeleine works hard to understand what you are trying to achieve and how those things change over time. She explains options, gives timely advice, and does this in jargon-free words. She has a great sense of humour that makes the review meetings fun! Most importantly, the portfolio advice has worked.

Ongoing review

Cost: 1% per year of your pension / investment portfolio

Every year, we love to catch up with you over a hot drink and a chocolate biscuit. During this meeting, we will assess how much progress you’re making towards your goals and whether your plan is on track. As you know, life is full of highs and lows, so we will adjust your plan if needed.

You are welcome to contact us anytime in between our annual meetings to discuss any exciting changes in your life. The most significant opportunities to add value don’t happen every year, so it is important we have an ongoing relationship.

Our ongoing review service will include:

  • An annual review meeting to ensure your plan stays on track.

  • A review of your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities.

  • Regular communication with us at any time via phone or email.

  • Liaising with your professional advisers, when required.

  • Ongoing monitoring of your plan.

  • Peace of mind that we will be here whenever you need us.

  • Ongoing investment advice.

As an example…

Based on an investment of £250,000, we will receive £2,500 per annum. If the cost amounts to less than £2,200, then a monthly fee will be charged to make up the difference, which is reviewed each year.

Example 1

If your investments are valued at £250,000, we would charge:

Financial plan: £2,200
Implementation: £2,500
Total cost: £4,700

Ongoing charge per annum: £2,500

Example 2

If your investments are valued at £550,000, we would charge:

Financial plan: £2,200
Implementation: £5,500
Total cost: £7,700

Ongoing charge per annum: £5,500

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