Karen Burrows

Personal Assistant

My journey to Blueberry

I worked in a bank many years ago and then started doing some admin for Madeleine. That was 12 years ago and my role has just developed ever since then. My role is as an assistant to Madeleine. I help Madeleine with the administration. Even in this technological age, there is still plenty of paper to push around!

What is your favourite film?

Notting Hill (and Pretty Woman)

What is your favourite book?

Not necessarily favourite but memorable – Jane Eyre

What’s the first album you ever bought?

Probably an ABBA album.

What is your karaoke song of choice?

I am not a karaoke person but if had to choose, then Dancing Queen by ABBA

The best thing about working at Blueberry?

I love working with Madeleine. She is such an understanding boss and has taught me a lot, both professionally and personally.

Favourite quote

Things happen for a reason.


It all starts with a hot drink

And if you're lucky, a chocolate biscuit too!!

Whether it’s a tea, coffee or hot chocolate (Madeleine’s favourite), we think a drink and a chat in a relaxed environment is the perfect way to get things started.

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