Buy Better Loo Rolls . . . .

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Following on from last month’s blog where I talked about having a Positive Impact on the world by investing ethically, I have started to think about what I buy for my house, as well as for investments.

So how can we buy better for our planet?

Loo rolls is a start. Not only do we cut down thousands of trees every year for these luxuriously soft rolls, but we also wrap them in plastic which takes the planet thousands of years to break down.

How can we stop this?

By buying bamboo rolls that are grown super quick, taking a few years to grow back, rather than the decades that trees take, and wrap them in paper, in a cardboard box that is conveniently delivered to your door. Not only that, but some of these companies are also using their profits to improve sanitation in developing countries by building toilets for them. Plus, being the finance nerd that I am, I compared the price of them to other toilet rolls:

Toilet Rolls Price per 100 sheets
Andrex Classic Clean 26p
Andrex Supreme Quilts 31p
Sainsburys Quilted Super Soft 25p
Who Gives a Crap Premium Bamboo 22.5p  (including delivery!)


What’s not to like?

Click on this link to get £5 off your first order:

Next on my list are dishwasher tablets and washing powder.

Here one of my school mum friends told me about Smol, who she was about to try.

They have less chemicals per wash, are packaged in small post-box friendly cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable, unlike the big plastic tubs you get from leading brands, and you get a free trial of their products before deciding if you want to subscribe. You tell them how often you do laundry or put on your dishwasher and they send you the correct amount of tablets for your needs through the post.

Dishwasher tablets Tablets per pack Price per pack Price per tablet
Sainsburys 20 £2.95 10p
Fairy All in One 29 £5.00 17p
Finish All in One 30 £5.00 17p
Smol 30 £4.60 15.3p (including delivery!)

That isn’t including if you are buying the ‘fancy’ ones, such as Fairy Platinum or Persil Quantum which can be 28 – 33p per tablet!!

There are more and more companies who are finding innovative ways to improve our planet that are also cost effective for customers, so have a look around, see what companies are out there, as the ones I have mentioned are only two that have hit me with Facebook ads recently.


Please tell me if you have any cool ideas. I would love to hear how you buy better.