Current Reality

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Does your reality look like this at the moment? Mine definitely does.

When I think that I have everything under control something pops up that splatters it.

I have just restarted my health kick as otherwise “somebody” isn’t going to fit into her wedding dress in April😬!! I started off amazingly well in 2019 training at the gym. My trainer calls me a grafter as I like to be strong and whatever he tells me to do, I do. And it is hilarious seeing some men in the gym lifting less than me. I was even eating well. I was losing weight. Yeah!!

Then lockdown hit and home schooling and the only way to make it through was to eat a lot of chocolate and drink lots of wine. My wedding was postponed by 7 months so it didn’t matter if I gained a little weight.

But now it is time to sort myself out, get back to running (did 3 miles today in 34 minutes, which for me having not run for too long, and never having been a runner before, is brilliant), do body combat in the comfort of my lounge with my daughter punching and kicking alongside me, eat less rubbish and lose this weight. Again.

Life is like that. It goes up and down. The same is true of our financial goals. One minute we are flying, the stock market is rising, our investments are steaming ahead, and we love life and our job. And then we get hit by a stupid virus, global pandemic, stock market falling like a stone, redundancies happening left, right and centre and we are just hanging on by our fingernails. Until the next time we peek at our money and realise it is all ok again.

So, what is the lesson here?


Have a plan, stick to it, make it a little flexible to deal with life’s curve balls and splatterings and you will be fine. If not amazing. If not brilliant!!

Keep going and let that brilliance shine!! 😁