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For Christmas my Mum bought my 9 year old daughter, Alana, a book of poems that is called “Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers”. It is wonderful and this poem caught my attention as it is so relevant to everyone.


Happiness by Daniel Thompson


Nowadays it seems to me,

That happiness is sought,

Amongst the miles of shopping aisles,

Of things we haven’t bought.


And it certainly seems suggested,

That should we wish to smile,

We need to buy this something new,

And add it to our pile.


But I believe that something new,

With happiness attached,

May make us happy for a while,

But rarely does it last.


‘til off we dash, with wads of cash,

To find another store,

Searching shelves for something else,

Forever needing more.


A new TV, a fancy bike,

An old antique you thought you’d like.

You buy and buy all day and night,

And though you try it’s never right.


Tomorrow brings another this,

More happiness you’re told you’ll miss.

No matter how your pile grows,

Your happy heart just comes and goes.


But Maybe! What if? Just hear me out . . .

Things are not what life’s about.

And maybe even, I’d suggest,

They’ll never bring you happiness.


Perhaps that feeling that you crave,

Is not in every purchase made.

But from instead the simple things,

That lift you up and give you wings.


Like laughing ‘til your sides are sore,

Amongst the people you adore.

Perhaps you’ll find the happy part,

Was always there inside your heart.


Perhaps you’ll see without a doubt,

Things are things you can live without.

And once that’s clear, perhaps you’ll see,

You’re as happy as you choose to be.


What do you think?

Do you live your life like this or are you always spending . . . ?